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Adele Low
April 20, 2024

Had a good experience with John as my iphone 15pro max motherboard was damaged and wasn’t able to work my phone last min as my data all was in there. I approached John to do data recovery services and his advice was to do the cloning process. Which I did and 99 percent all of my data was transferred to the new device and it was a pleasant n fast experience as John was quick to do the data recovery even though he was ill and still manage to get the job done. Nothing was missing from my phone and everything was up n running and he even offered to help if there r any issues in the future or advises. Please do approach John as he’s a professional individual and get things done asap for us all. 🙂 thank you to John now I have my phone all sorted out and worries free! Thank you John! 🙂

Karolina Gwinner
April 18, 2024

John saved my day today! I called him when my computer stopped working just before an important presentation for a client, and I got really stressed about it. Luckily, John was able to guide me quickly and effectively on what to do to fix the issue. His suggestion worked out like a charm, and it's such a huge relief for me as I can focus on delivering the best to my client now. Thank you so much, John!

Michael Lim
April 13, 2024

John is a very nice and friendly IT personnel. He had help me to resolved my PC issue which i strongly recommend him if you needed any IT repair or consultations. He will definitely help you in any ways.

Cheerene Wee
April 8, 2024

Speedy work! John was very quick in diagnosing the issue and recommends solution based on my budget

Joao Oliveira
April 5, 2024

I contacted them for help recovering an old pc. My pc was picked up and checked on the same day and it was ready on the next day. Throughout the process the communication was extremely fast and clear, including pricing options. Highly recommended!

Vicky Tan
April 2, 2024


Randy Lo
March 31, 2024

I facing a issue that my hardisk spoil, and all my precious memory is inside the hardisk. But luckily i found John, and with his professionalism, he solving my problem and help me recover my data.

Siew San Yeh
March 23, 2024

John is the most reponsive and knowledgeable software solutions person that I have ever consulted with!!! Not only was he very patient but he listened well and understood my problem immediately! With his in depth knowledge he was able resolved my issues in less than 20 minutes. Very generously he waived any charge even though I insisted on a payment. Highly recommended that you use his services!

March 6, 2024

I was super panicked when out of sudden my external HDD couldnt read or open the files i have 8 over years of working documents and personal photos of our kids milestones stored in it. Feeling devastated. Lady Luck is on my side that i approached correct person namely John to do the recovery of the data. And it took less abt 4 days (exclude weekends) to recover all data 99% .John has been patience and explained in details and also help to purchase new recommended SDD. I do not need to do anything. item been collected and delivered to my choice of locations. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks John, you're saviour!!

Peggy Teo
March 6, 2024

I was distressed and all hyped up on the loss of data on my SD card. John SuryaKarthik of ICS came to my rescue with such empathy, expertise and patience! He was able to retrieve and repair all that was damaged! All that was recovered was as good as its originality! I'm truly impressed with this fine young man and ICS 😁

January 30, 2024

very fast and efficient !

Sherman Sim
January 10, 2024

Had black screen issue when playing game and is fixed on the same day on 2nd Jan 24 but the issue still came back at 9th Jan 24

Sophya Lim
January 3, 2024

Had issues with keyboard and John very quickly diagnosed the problem was a damaged motherboard. He was very responsive and helpful. The repair turnaround was very fast. Super pleased with their pick-up and drop-off service too!

Jonathan Loh
December 9, 2023

My Laptop just went black while I was using it. Contacted John and immediately he explained to me and need to take my laptop away with the same day. John would contact me and let me know what the issues were and explain to me and let me decide before he proceed with the repairs. John is so meticulous in his work and so committed and I sincerely believed staff like John should be promoted not only for his work, but the service he provides and more importantly, given me a peace of mind. John is so polite when I spoke to him on the phone and also so knowledgeable. He is definitely a blessing to the company and an asset to the organisation. Keep up the good job, John. Again, much appreciated

Krishmita R Moorthy
November 26, 2023

Thank you Kartik for the wonderful service. The laptop works very well and i really like it

Choi Chi Min
November 21, 2023

John was patient and seek to understand the issue well before proposing any solutions. Even though the issue was not resolved (hardware died), I thoroughly enjoyed the service of ICS. Definitely recommend!

Mel Twin
November 20, 2023

They come and collect your computer/device to repair for free. Very fast and efficient service (2-3 business days at most). Clear pricing, no hidden costs. Problems and parts replacement also explained clearly, and doesn't push you to buy the most expensive item. Device comes back with free door delivery too. Will contact you when they're coming, so you are not caught off guard.

Xx Lim
November 9, 2023

Thank you for helping to solve my IT issues!

Olivia Vaz
October 27, 2023

John was a real godsend at a very critical time. Just as I was to start a new project my computer crashed and not only was the computer in need of immediate replacement with all the apps I use, but my valuable data had to be recovered. He worked day and night to find me a short term solution to start my project, as he works on the larger issues with the MVNE recovery. He is pleasant and knowledgeable and spares no effort to solve problems. I am deeply grateful for his attention to my need and would highly recommend him to anyone in a tight technical bind.

Amrita Philips
October 26, 2023

ICS definitely has the best customer service! We called John for an urgent battery replacement at 4 in the evening and we had the laptop back with us the same night! John was super responsive and extremely prompt and professional! Couldn’t recommend ICS enough for any assistance with computer issues!

October 19, 2023

Thanks John for quick respond, everything goes smooth when repairing my HDD

October 19, 2023

John help me to do data recovery for my SD Card, very reliable good and fast service.

Najibah Asraf
October 11, 2023

John handled my I.T. Queries very professionally and was able to resolve them with the utmost ease. His service was of a timely need and would definitely recommend to those who need their I.T. obligations to be handled.

Maya Umairah
October 11, 2023

Service was really good. John was quick in responding and very efficient. LCD needed replacement and they were able to fix it in less than a day

Muhammad Hambali
October 11, 2023

Just send my laptop today and received it in a hour. Fast and effiecient service. Would recommend others to come and service their laptop here .

Charles Champion
October 5, 2023

Extremely delighted with the personalized service provided by John of ICS - it was effective, efficient and fast, totally professional. The cost was reasonable and John's customer demeanour was exceptional. Kudos.

Emmanuel Isaac
August 19, 2023

Overall very fast and professional service by John. Took time do diagnose the computer to find out what the issue was and updated accordingly. Advised us on what steps to take to solve overheating and sudden crashing issues. Laptop was collected in the afternoon and returned in the evening. Very hassle free and communication was good. Thank you

Shobana Venkat
July 12, 2023

Huge scam, held my 1Tb drive hostage asking for 10k-50k sgd and threatened data loss if I wanted to pick up my hardrive without paying these scammer fees. Complex hardware recovery should be 700-1500 sgd and quoted fully before any recovery is initiated. Software recovery is a few hundred dollars. Scariest experience 😢

Shamin Golbarg
May 30, 2023

John was very helpful and tried to find the best solution to help me out with fixing my labtop the quickest and best way possible. I highly recommend this place and would use their services again in the future if needed.

Lucas Rose
May 19, 2023

They did a wonderful job at a reasonable rate. I'm sure I must have annoyed them with my messages but they responded promptly and professionally each time. They diagnosed the issue my PC was having (dead MOBO) and replaced it with a new one. I highly recommend their services.

Tarun Chainani
April 20, 2023

They promise to fix your problems, but when things get awry, they ghost you.. I would not use this company. They give your short term solutions but do not fix your problem

Chen Jie
March 23, 2023

John was very helpful and patient as he helped me troubleshoot my issue after the PC was returned to me.

Eddie Bingham
March 23, 2023

Just a one star rating I'm afraid. Although John promised to update me re my HDD issue within 24 hours, it took over a week. But only after I chased him for an update. He also said that data recovery on the HDD would cost between $1500-$1800! I was shocked and he then asked me how much I wanted to pay - I wasn't expecting to negotiate. Then the next day he said he was sorry and the amount was $750 (not $1800). I told him I wanted to think about it (aka not do business with him) and that he needed to send the HDD to me. To get my HDD back took so much chasing it was incredibly frustrating. The only time he was timely on contacting me was when he wanted me to pay his $80 service fee. My advice, go somewhere more reliable with realistic affordable quotes and someone who responds to your messages and answers calls.

sridharan Naveen
March 20, 2023

Engaged Intelligent Computer Services to set up my company domain and logo. John did a fantastic job and went the extra mile to make sure my company’s logo was outstanding and eye catchy. He is responsive at any time of the day and very cooperative. Most importantly he meets the client’s requirements.

Cullen Owens
February 14, 2023

They picked up my computer that had no operating system at my house, figured out the fan needed to be cleaned, installed a new hard drive and delivered it back to my house all for a reasonable price. My wife says it’s works like a new computer.

harvey salmon
January 16, 2023

My laptop crashed, and John picked it up from the hotel and fixed it within a day! Very happy with the service. Thanks John!

Kabir Bostrom
December 16, 2022

My initial review was 5 stars. John installed new motherboard in my laptop, but immediately I started having issues with the power through one usb port. John took the laptop back for 10 days and didn't fix it. He didn't even reply to messages for 4 days at one stage. Very disappointing and frustrating.

November 26, 2022

Monitor did not display any graphic after we have repositioned the computer. John gave us very clear and helpful instructions via phone to tackle and solve the issues. He was very patient and professional throughout the whole process. We are thankful for his excellent service!

David Rose
November 16, 2022

Dead computer collected, fault diagnosed and repaired within three days. Fixed computer returned at the agreed time. In between I received regular updates. Marvellous. Many thanks. David

Faith Jacob
November 3, 2022

My family has been with ICS for many years and John delivers excellent services. Does a great job and handling our slow or spoilt laptops, and helps us with our Wifi. When my laptop was spoilt, he helped to arrange for a new laptop and upgrade it. Recommended!

Benecia Lee
October 18, 2022

Super solid service, handed the laptop over to John on Monday for a broken LCD screen and he got it back to me by tuesday because it was urgent. Updated me on everything he was going to do and made sure I was aware of the cost. Overall amazing ◡̈ would service my laptop here again

Lee Tat Kian
October 5, 2022

Awesome service from John. Prompt in replies and was able to settle my issue within a short span of time. Will be my go too IT support.

Andrew Koh
September 3, 2022

John is very superb, well versed in his work and also very knowledgeable and experienced. He has helped me solved all my needs and problems when my computer crashed. He's also very reliable and trustworthy in his charges. Will strongly recommend him for his wonderful service. Thank you John!!

Gaming Only
August 20, 2022

Address not valid, new unit owner said they moved out years already and asked to update their new address, he said to contact the phone as it is valid. I wouldn't bother to call considering shop behaviour for not having the initiative to update their business address

Matt Lucas
August 18, 2022

If there were more than 5 stars I would have given more. My laptop crashed and I googled to find a repair shop who could do the repairs immediately. Luckily I found Intelligent Computer Services and John sent his delivery guy to pick up my laptop immediately. Took a day for diagnostic test and my laptop was found to be beyond repair. John did not charge me for any repairs and I Decided to get a new laptop from John. Helped me with all the installations, email, Microsoft office etc as I am computer idiot. Lastedt model for Lenovo and price is reasonable. All in all, a very pleasant experience with John and I highly recommend ICS for their professionalism and work ethics. No hard sell, everything is clearly explained first. Keep up the good job guys! Thank you once again

Charlynn Ng
June 29, 2022

John assisted to repair n upgrade my laptop issues. Patience n helpful. He attend to my needs efficiently. Recommend him for computer dianogistic issues. Thk u John for good service 🙏

Alfin Orton
June 28, 2022
June 21, 2022

Easy to talk to IT support service who was patient and able to resolve my issue and explain the problem for a lay-person's understanding.

Russell Harrison
April 21, 2022
Synn Chan
April 20, 2022

Paid for a non working computer, and then when problem arises after payment is made. delayed all possible means of contacts. Claims he is tired, he is busy, and couldnt fix the computer at all.. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS PLACE, ALL THE FAKE 5* REVIEWS ARE PAID ONES.