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Data Recovery

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Data Recovery

Accidentally hitting your "delete" button does not have to mean that you lose your crucial data forever with Intelligent Computer Services
When we lose crucial data, it is no longer accessible from our operating system.
Therefore, data recovery is important. It involves salvaging the data from reformatted, corrupted, failed, inaccessible or damaged storage media.

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Affordable Data Recovery Services in Singapore

Hard-Disk & Software Data Recovery Services

Recover crucial data on your thumb drive, USB flash drive and Hard disk drives (HDD) when you choose our professional data recovery services in Singapore.

Being one of the leading companies for data recovery, ICS has a foundation of expertise and knowledge to rely on. Our experts have the capability of recovering data successfully from a wide variety of operating systems. We can help you quickly and efficiently recover data from dead, formatted, deleted, inaccessible or downed computers, fire or water damaged, passworded, overwritten, virus infected, corrupted or fdisked USB flash drives, thumb drives or HDDs. We provide end-to-end recovery services in Singapore to make sure you recover all your crucial data.

Secure & Fast

Utilizing proven and effective recovery technology, ICS experts provide affordable data recovery services in Singapore that can help you can recover the data you need in an effective, secure and fast manner. The technology we use allows us to recover and repair lost data from virtually any type of operating system, including Windows, Novell, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris and Unix

Recovery Services For Any Storage Media

Over the years we have accumulated the knowledge and experience required for working on almost any kind of storage media for data recovery. Our experts today can recover data successfully from HDDs, Thumb Drive, Digital Cards, CDs, DVDs, RAID, storage tapes and more. At ICS we understand that losing important data can pose security and data integrity threat to any company. That’s why our data recovery service in Singapore will help you recover the data you need quickly and effortlessly.


Affordable and professional, you can depend on us to recover all your data. Should you have any questions about data recovery services in Singapore, you may click here for our contact information and we will be in touch.

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