Limited Product Warranty

1)       All products purchased are accompanied by limited warranty covered by the manufacturer or authorised distributor from the date of purchase. Any other warranty policies or extension of warranty stated by the manufacturers and respective distributors are covered solely by the respective distributors and manufacturers. Intelligent Computer Services is not liable for these respective policies.

2)       The limited product warranty will only ensure that the product(s) is/are free from workman defect for period of the warranty and does not cover the following

a)       Misuse by the customer in any way that will risk damaging the product(s) / physical damage / dropped / accidental damage / forceful damage / unauthorised dismantle.

b)       Physical damage due to wear and tear or physical mishandling or dropping accidentally or deemed damaged by the manufacturer.

c)       Any acts of nature including static / rain / water / sun effect / flood / thunderstorm / earthquake.

d)       Burnt / burnt marks / fire / water spill or electrical failure on the device will cause the warranty to be voided immediately. Power adaptors do not have warranty even though problems may arise due to uneven power factors. Factors related to electricity surge or product failure due to surge does not cover product liability for contents added or data loss in the HDD/Memory Cards/Flash Cards or thumb-drive.

3)       Any kind of liquid/water or other mediums not suitable for the product has been used to clean/damage the product; the product warranty shall not be covered in any case.

4)       Mainboard/CPU/Motherboard or products with sensitive pins and other electrical components missing or damaged during installation is considered void of warranty or subject to repair by manufacturer at additional cost which will be borne by the customer in any case. Items which have been purchased and not used for a period of time and if found faulty at the time of use shall also not be eligible for any kind of immediate or 1-2-1 exchange.

5)       Non-professional handling or electrical components or computer products and negligence handling shall not be liable for warranty coverage or replacement under warranty.

Return Material Assistance Policies (RMA)

1)       Upon compliance to the terms and conditions under the Limited Product Warranty, Intelligent Computer Services will receive the defective/faulty product(s) for RMA. However, Intelligent Computer Services will reserve the right to reject any RMA request(s) under the sole discretion of Intelligent Computer Services.

2)       Intelligent Computer Services will not be liable for any unsuccessful RMA return(s) from the manufacturer/distributors or agents of the product due to non-compliance of the terms and conditions of the manufacturer or distributor or agents of the product.

3)       All costs incurred or additional costs to repair the product shall be borne by the customer in any case which also includes the cost of transport and freight to convey the product.

4)       Loss/Damage or missing parts/DATA of the products or its accessories during the RMA process shall not be covered and Intelligent Computer Services is not liable for the loss and all costs shall be borne by the customer.

5)       Upon returning of the services product (serviced / rejected / replaced / exchanged), the customer must collect the product within 1 month from the date of return. Intelligent Computer Services will reserve the right to dispose any product(s) that is / are not collected within the specified time frame at the discretion of the company.

6)       Intelligent Computer Services / Service Hub / Technicians / Handling Staffs / Management is not liable for any kind of data losses, files, software’s, licenses lost and the economic cost incurred due to the data losses for any product(s) during the RMA process of the product or sent for repair.

7)       Intelligent Computer Services neither guarantees nor liable for the privacy of the data/software’s installed on the product(s) sent for the RMA process. Customer is liable to securely backup or safeguard their data for privacy.

Product Return and Exchange Policy

1)       All products sold by Intelligent Computer Services are not exchangeable or refundable under any circumstances unless otherwise stated or on sole discretion. D-Link / Linksys / Iomega/Buffalo products cannot be exchanged at any period due to individual manufacturer return/exchange/replacement warranty policy.

2)       Software’s / Media Discs / Online Programs / Free Items cannot be exchanged 1-2-1 / refunded / exchanged strictly at any period.

3)       Specially ordered / indented orders processed cannot be returned or exchange at any conditions.

4)       Products incapability or incompatibility / wrong decision upon purchase/order / excess purchases / software support / software inappropriateness or other invalid reasons considered by Intelligent Computer Services are not acceptable in any case.

5)       Products for exchange/replacement might not have the same packaging/contents/accessories and might not be new and subject to the manufacturers conditions

6)       All additional costs shall be borne by the customer for repackaging/freight/admin costs in any case and is subject to approval and to be determined by Intelligent Computer Services management.

Maintenance of Workman Quality and After Sales Support

1)       Intelligent Computer Services strives to provide the best quality and support to its customers as deemed necessary, important and proper.

2)       All products purchased from Intelligent Computer Services are covered under the support of the respective manufacturers and is not liable for the support/repair/replacement if the manufacturer is not in business or non-existence of the brand/company.

3)       Intelligent Computer Services shall not entertain any immediate or urgent or compulsory request for telephone support or email support by any customer.

4)       All fully assembled system purchases from Intelligent Computer Services come with limited warranty. The limited warranty only covers hardware diagnostics. All software based issues will not be covered and liable for a charge which is borne by the customer in any case.

5)       All DIY systems covered under the limited warranty period will only be applicable if the systems are brought back to the premises of Intelligent Computer Services. All request(s) for on-site services / repair / replacement / exchanges shall incur additional costs which will be borne by the customer at any costs. All warranty claims must be accompanied with valid invoice to verify the warranty and authorize the acceptance to service the warranty.

6)       For old items / repairing of products / upgrading of systems; if any parts given by the customer for installation/add-on/upgrading or for any other purpose which gets damaged / mishandling / lost during the process/ missing due to negligence / DATA loss shall not be liable for any exchange/refund/upgrade in any circumstances and no liability of Intelligent Computer Services or its staffs. Any mishandling / damage by individual staff are not covered.

Purchase and Pre-Sales Agreement

1)       Upon the agreement by the customer to make purchases and/or enlist in the services provided by Intelligent Computer Services, a deposit or full payment of the quoted price maybe applicable and to be advised accordingly by the management.

2)       Payments for the products supplied or services rendered shall be made in full by the customer to Intelligent Computer Services without deduction or demand within “ Terms “ period from the date of the statement or as otherwise stated or agreed in writing. Intelligent Computer Services at its sole discretion may charge interest on all past-due accounts at the rate of 12% per month on the outstanding past due balances. If the customer fails to make payment in the accordance with the above stated requirements, Intelligent Computer Services may in its sole and absolute discretion suspend provision of credit to the customer and up to the decision made by the management. Intelligent Computer Services reserves the right to involve law and civil action if the dues are not settled accordingly.

3)       Upon the completion of the requested service(s) customers must collect their system(s), item(s) within 1 week from the date of notification. Failure to do so may render the deposit void and Intelligent Computer Services reserves the right to dispose the system(s) / item(s) or products as deemed necessary.

4)       All systems diagnosed / maintained by Intelligent Computer Services must have the coverage of legitimate software licenses. Intelligent Computer Services will not render services to the systems without legitimate software licenses given to Intelligent Computer Services with regard to the software licenses shall be liable for actions against the vendors / software vendors. Intelligent Computer Services is not liable for any action from the third party software vendors due to customers’ negligence / software / software offences / piracy or false information provided.

5)       Any short payment by any payment method for items purchased is considered property of Intelligent Computer Services unless fully settled and company has full ownership of the product(s) and also can be considered as criminal act of non-payment of product and theft for which the customer/company is liable under the Singapore Law for criminal actions.

6)       All payments for services rendered by Intelligent Computer Services has to be paid by CASH/NETS or CHEQUE. Credit Card payments or PayPal/SmoovPay payments are accepted only for goods (physical items) purchased. Installment payment plans have to be above $500 and subject to approval by the bank.

7)       Intelligent Computer Services is NOT GST Registered and thus we do not charge GST. If for instance your invoice shows GST, please contact us immediately to rectify the issue. All invoices should show GST INCLUDED

8)       Overdued invoices will automatically incur an additional $42.75 per week till payments on the particular invoice has been made and cleared. For payment arrangements, please contact ICS directly. Every Demand Notice will incur an additional $20.00 for up to 2 Demand Notices. We will then proceed for legal actions if the invoice has been overdued for more then 30 days and no prior arrangements has been made. Demand Notice’s may or may not be served depending on case by case basis.

Delivery / LCD Monitors / Fragile Items

1)       Intelligent Computer Services is not liable for items acquired by Delivery / Export by 3rd party / Courier or any delivery/postal/Freight forwarding service will NOT be considered for exchange on-site due to DOA (Dead on Arrival) / Damage / Missing Items / Incompatibility or any other issues. All items have to be referred to the Service Centre of Intelligent Computer Services for any discrepancy or replacement as per terms of the brand/manufacturer or direct via Individual Manufacturer for warranty claim as deemed necessary. Any transport costs / other costs incurred or involved shall be borne by the customer or end-user.

2)       LCD Monitors / LED Monitors / TV Monitors or any monitor/GPS with screen which have dead spots / white spots / non-visible area spots shall not be liable for immediate exchange or 1-2-1 in any case and has to be directly referred to the manufacturer for any claims. Intelligent Computer Services shall not be liable for any support / warranty / exchange / refund / discrepancy efforts / recovery or any further requests or demands.

3)       If delivery fails (Courier attempted Delivery) due to non-availability fire drills / out on holiday / urgent leave or due to indefinite reasons, the customer shall be liable to re-delivery costs as stated and quoted prior to placement of the order.

Data Loss Prevention

1)       Intelligent Computer Services / Service Hub / Technicians / Handling Staffs / Management is not liable for any kind of data losses, files, software’s, licenses lost and the economic cost incurred due to the data losses for any product(s) during the RMA process of the product or sent for repair.

2)       All clients sending their computers/laptops or any data storage devices should backup their own data prior to sending their devices for repair. It is the customers responsibility to backup their data and Intelligent Computer Services will bear no responsibility for any kind of data losses, files, software’s, licenses lost and the economic cost incurred due to the data losses of their products sent for repair.

3)       Intelligent Computer Services’s staffs do not require to inform the client of the impact of their data should Intelligent Computer Services proceed with their devices repair.

Intelligent Computer Services governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Customers must agree to the terms and conditions as stated prior to making purchases/engaging in services of Intelligent Computer Services. By making purchases or engaging in the services rendered by Intelligent Computer Services, the customer will agree to the Terms and Conditions as stated by Intelligent Computer Services. Intelligent Computer Services reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time at its own discretion without prior notice. Any dispute arising can be referred to the management for immediate response.


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