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Why you should choose Intelligent Computer Services

Dedicated & Qualified Team

ICS has been dedicated to developing and offering a diverse range of customized and efficient solutions directed towards solving the needs of its clients

Advanced IntelliCare Support

Because we build the entire solution, IntelliCare can provide integrated expert support that you can’t get anywhere else. Support is available for everyone in need of assistance.

Quality & Affordability

Our requirements include a commitment to rigorous quality assurance and round-the-clock market updates of products and prices.

We are great at what we do

At ICS we believe in keeping ourselves up to date with the latest in technology. This allows us to provide our clients with value-added services. ICS has made a name for itself as a fast-moving and dynamic company in information technology. Our company offers a complete range of services ranging from IT strategy and business re-engineering to professional services, operations management and systems integration. We offer dynamic environment solutions that cover technological and business strategies. We focus on innovative ways combining adoption and innovation while leveraging the current assets of the company.

Our specialization

Computer Repair & Maintenance
Application Development
Data Recovery

Core Services

  • IT Maintenance

    Our IT maintenance services have helped numerous companies by providing them the flexibility of tailored solutions fit for their IT infrastructure. This offers increased efficiency and productivity at lower costs. All our engineers at ICS are certified and trained. They are excellent at diagnosis of reported faults as well as prompt resolutions. Since each company is unique with individual systems, we focus on customizing the maintenance plans for each client to suit their individual requirements.

  • System Integration

    Business ecosystem changes constantly. Demanding and highly informed customers, rising competition and the necessity for companies to expand globally challenge the business’s predictability. With the current situation, IT should be able to reinvent itself for supporting businesses better, helping them to make better decisions.

  • DIY Computers & Servers

    Who likes to drink water if he can enjoy wine or champagne for almost the same price? This is practically the situation the demanding PC user finds oneself in when searching for the perfect PC. The PC market has developed the following rules: Although mass products of more or less acceptable quality are offered by vendors, there are no custom-made solutions with optimum performance and components of your own choice in these shops. What is even worse, even the computer shop around the corner does not necessarily offer the best solution either. Those computer retailers seem to force only those products upon their customers, which offer the highest profit.

  • Animation Services

    ICS is one of Singapore’s leading animation designers, with expertise in varied types of animation, from 2D animation, 3D animation, storyboards, medical animation and animatics, to product demos, viral videos, illustrations, logos, banners, portraits and caricatures. Our animators can create attention-grabbing videos that will help boost your brand, product or service for your company.

  • Hosting & Designing

    It only takes 4 seconds to lose 1/3 of your customers. Superior Performance & Reliability. That’s what make ICS Servers unique. A faster site means customers are more likely to buy as a one-second delay can cause a reduction of 7% in (sales) conversions.

Core Services

  • Computer Repair & Maintenance

    Malfunctions may be anything from minor incorrect settings to viruses, spyware or even something that might need replacement of the hardware or operating system. Our team is qualified and trained for handling almost any kind of issue professionally while maintaining high standards of service and quality

  • Application Development

    Intelligent Computer Services can overcome the paradox in software development (shorter development cycles with more complex software) by adopting a modular approach towards application development. With this framework we can increase productivity and reduce cost.

  • Data Recovery

    Accidentally hitting your “delete” button does not have to mean that you lose your crucial data forever with ICS! When we lose crucial data, it is no longer accessible from our operating system. Therefore, data recovery is important. It involves salvaging the data from reformatted, corrupted, failed, inaccessible or damaged storage media.

  • Networking

    ICS’s professional team can help your organization, regardless of the complexity or size, in many networking consulting areas. With Intelligent Computer Services, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have the industry’s best IT specialists helping you at an affordable cost.

  • Security

    Computer security today comprises mainly of preventive measures such as Exit Procedure and firewalls. A firewall is a method used for filtering the network data from a network or host to another network like the internet. Generally, it is implemented as software which runs on the system and hooks on to the network stack. For Linux and other UNIX operating systems it may be built in the operating system kernel. This offers real time blocking and filtering. A physical firewall is another implementation.

IT Maintenance
System Integration
DIY Computers & Servers
Animation Services
Hosting & Services

We Also Provide These Services

  • Email Marketing ( Up to 100,000 working email addresses locally)

  • Email List Verification ( Clean up all non-working email addresses)

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