Frequently Asked Questions For General Services e-Commerce Store Billing

General FAQ

How much is your service charge?

Our service charge is usually $80. This service charge is actually divided by 2. $65 service and $15 transport. Yes you saw right, its $80 inclusive of transport. It also includes all diagnostics charges and labor if there’s any changes in hardware. This is a NETT price. However, if our technicians are unable to diagnose your computer problem, then there are no service charge. However transport charges still apply.

How much is your transport charges?

Our transport charges are $15. However this is included in our service charge at $80 NETT

Are there any additional payments apart from your service charges?

Our service charge should basically cover you for all minor issues and diagnostics. Minor software issues and stuffs can be covered within the $65. However, if there are any purchases or replacements of hardwares, there will be additional charges. It would be $80 + whatever prices quoted for the hardware.

For example, your computers HDD is faulty diagnostics suggest a replacement. It would be

$80 + HDD cost. ( In some cases, brand new HDD require seperate Operating System Installation. If you purchase this separately, it will add on to the cost )

Do you come on-site?

Yes, ICS caters both on-site and off-site. We would first do a simple preliminary diagnostics over the phone when you call us. From there we should be able to know if your problem can be solved on-site or have to be brought in. If we can do it on-site, we will then schedule with you a date and time to go down. If the problem cannot be solved on-site, we will then send a driver to your place to collect your computer. You do not need to carry it down.

Do you come island wide?

Yes we cater the Entire Singapore, Be it Changi or end of Tuas, we will still help you no matter where you are within Singapore.

Do you charge if you cant fix the problem?

Although our service charges are $65 inclusive transport, if our technicians cannot DIAGNOSE the problem, then you do not pay us any service charge. However a $15 transport charge will still apply.

How long do i have to wait for an appointment with your IT Technicians?

You can call us and create an appointment. The appointments could be as early as on the day. It depends on the availability of our IT Technicians but we will try our best to accommodate to our client’s preferred day and timing.

Are all the servicing done onsite when the IT Technician goes down to our location?

Certain issues such as minor software problem that can be solved immediately will be completed onsite when our IT technicians go down to your location. However there are instances where our IT Technicians have to collect back your computers to do a further diagnostic and to repair it offsite due to the lack of tools onsite. Usually we would let you have an estimation if we could do the repair onsite immediately when you give us a call and explain your problem to us.

How long would a computer repair done offsite take?

The duration of the repair will depend on the type and severity of the problem. A rough estimate of the duration will be given to you after the full diagnostics of the computer has been done offsite.

How can I pass you the computer that requires servicing?

We provide onsite collection service of the computer whereby our technician will personally come down to your preferred location at your preferred timing to collect the computer which would be very convenient for the customer. You can do this by making an appointment with us by calling us at 65683853. Alternatively, you can also come down to our office at woodlands during Mondays to Fridays from 10-6 to pass us your computers. Do call our office number at 65683853/65683851 to check if our staff will be available to collect your computers at our office before making the trip down.

What is the advantage of bringing down the computer to pass it to you at your office?

Bringing and collecting back your computer from our office will help you save the transportation cost of $15. However, for convenience its recommended that you take our pickup and delivery service as it saves time for you as you do not have to travel.

What are the benefits that customers receive from engaging our services?

Customers are entitled to one year free remote support which enables our IT technicians to solve certain issues for you through the use of team viewer (Terms & Conditions Apply). Customers are also given a free membership with a login access to our member’s portal. Customers can use the member’s portal to view their invoices, Product keys and many more!

What is the member’s login portal and what information can i access there?

The member’s login portal is a platform that we provide our clients with to access many information such as their Invoices, Product Keys, Points accumulated and many more! They are also able to send online enquiries through this portal as well.

How do we login to the Member’s Portal?

A username and password together with the portal link will be emailed to you after you have engaged our services.

How do I reset the username or password to my Member’s portal account?

To reset your password, click on the following link

If you’re facing any issues with resetting your password, please give us a call at 65683851 during office hours or  email us at

What are your opening hours?

We operate on weekdays from 9-6. However you can create appointments with us via phone if you require assistance beyond these working hours and we will allocate slots to you based on the availability of our technicians.

How do i activate the complimentary remote support for one year?

You have to login to the Member’s portal and go under invoices. There will be an action button at the right hand side of the screen and you have to click on the icon to register your invoice to enable yourself to receive the complimentary remote support. Remote support for a year starts on the day of the creation of the invoice.

e-Commerce FAQ

What kind of payment do you accept?

For online purchases, we accept MasterCard/Visa payment through a payment processor called PayPal. Customers who already have an account with PayPal can just proceed to make pay using their accounts.

Do we get the license immediately for software purchases?

All online software purchases like ESET, McAfee or TrendMicro software licenses will be issued immediately after a successful purchase. An sms will be sent to the mobile number you have provided during checkout stating that the transaction is successful. You will receive an email to the email address that you have provided us with. The emails will contain the license key to the products you have purchased. Another email with your invoice and download links for the software installation will be sent to you at the same time. Finally a email stating your ICS portal login details and link will be sent to you as well. You can login to your account and click Orders to view your license information and invoices.

What is the Intelligence E-Store?

The Intelligence E-Store is a platform for customers to purchase various IT Products at highly affordable prices. The store will be featuring Software products such as ESET Internet Security. Various sales will take place everyday so do keep a look out for these fantastic deals. More products will be continuously be added on to the store.  The store is currently undergoing some improvements and will be available for use in the near future. Do stay tuned for updates at our main website.

How do we access the Intelligence E-Store?

Currently the E-Store is unavailable as we are making some improvements. Do stay tuned for more updates on our main website at

Why do we have to pay additional charges if we require the physical copy of the product?

The additional charges are paid for the posting of the product.

How long will it take for the physical copy of the product to be delivered to the customer?

We would send the physical copy to our customer using normal post so it would take about 2-3 working days for the customers to receive their product from the date that the request has been made.

Is there an alternative way for us to obtain the physical copy of our purchased product?

You can call and make an appointment with us and come down to our office at woodlands personally to collect the product at no additional charge.

We are facing some technical issues. How do we obtain assistance?

You can give us a call during office hours from Monday to Friday at our office number 65683853. You can also send us a general enquiry through our website and we will reply within the next working day.

What is the $10 Computer Repair Voucher from ICS?

This is a complimentary voucher that you will receive when you like and share our Facebook page during checkout of your purchase cart. The $10 voucher will immediately be added into your cart. The voucher is only applicable for use for computer repair services under Intelligent Computer services and it can be used to offset $10 from our usual service charge that starts from $65. The voucher can be used by stating its product code that will appear on the invoice that will be emailed to you or you can just produce the invoice with the voucher code to our staff during our next transaction.

Billing FAQ

When will the charges for your services be known to me?

Usually when you call us for an enquiry, we might be able to give you a rough estimate of the costs involved depending on the type of enquiry. For computer repairs, we would only be able to give you an accurate price after the full diagnosis of the computer. For enquiries such as purchase of IT equipment, we would be able to get back to you within the same day with the prices.

Is there an official form of acknowledgement for the prices that have been quoted for your services?

We would issue you an official invoice from our company after you decide to engage our services. We would email you the invoice with detailed descriptions of the services we are providing to you and the breakdown prices for each of the item. After payment has been made, we will issue you another invoice stating the payment made and the mode of the payment. The invoice information are also available at the Member’s Portal.

When do I make payment for the services?

You can make payment when you are collecting the IT equipment or after the completion of the services unless if a deposit is required which will be known to you before you engage our services.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay us by Cash, Nets, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Visa/MasterCard, PayNow & PayLah

Is there GST in the prices Quoted?

We do not charge GST for any of our Services or Products.

Are there Late Payment Charges?

We would give a reminder call and send out a notice 2 weeks after the invoice for payment  has been sent to you. A failure to reply or pay within one week after the first reminder would result in late payment charges to be added to your invoice. Late Payment charges would be be added to the invoice charges every week until payment has been made. The amount for the late payment charges will be disclosed to customers when required.